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When Mother’s Day Hurts

I stared over my mother’s shoulder as our newly bundled gift of grace lay silent and secure in his fleece green swaddle. Head covered in thick, black, baby-soft hair with cheeks pink and vibrant. Unintentional hues of spring greens filled the room seemingly applauding this life that was added surprisingly to us in our ending […]

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What is the Root Cause of Sickness and Pain?

The last time I saw my general physician, I’d asked him, “Don’t you think there is something wrong that is causing all of these different chronic illnesses? Something you’re missing that’s the root cause?” Several years ago, internal inflammation entered my life and was addressed with a bandaid solution from apathetic health care. But bandaids […]

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Praying for Chronic Possibilities

A television in the far corner of the waiting room adequately occupied most of the people. The remainder thumb-punched their cell phones quietly. The weatherman said wind chill temperatures were dangerously below zero and echoed obligatory warnings that come with such a forecast. I looked out the window and watched a woman make her way […]

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Does Your Christmas List Need a Lift?

Where in the world is a good, hydraulic couch cushion when you need one? I’ve finished my devotions and I can’t get up. I can envision my Christmas list in a couple of years: Replacement batteries for all seeing, hearing, and walking devices. A memo pad that sticks to the refrigerator…bathroom mirror…kitchen counter…my kid…and all […]

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“Stepping Down” into His Rest

How do you feel when you sense “change” is coming to your life? Fearful? Hopeful? Anxious? Relieved? Years ago, I only had one response to impending change…restlessness. The dictionary defines it as “the inability to relax as a result of anxiety” and I certainly knew how to demonstrate it: obsessive cleaning of unseen places, irrational […]

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