Alabaster Images

A photograph has the power to churn the deepest emotions, resurface old memories, unveil nature’s treasure or illuminate the glory in the common. These are just a few photos that have attempted to do the same while pointing to the Creator. If you would like to see more, you can go to the Photography website. As time allows, the devotions and captions that have been attached to photos on Instagram, will be observable with their photographs. Alabaster Images Photography

  • The indescribable gap between saying the
  • Sat on the bank of the pond with a friend the other night...and thought about what Paul wrote in 2 Cor 3:18; quietly beholding the glory of the Lord as in a mirror.
  • Do sunsets ever get old? ‪Amazing love that pairs faithfulness with sunsets and new mercy with sunrise, then makes them glorious for all to see‬.
  • If I only keep my gaze on the earth, sense nothing but the world beneath my feet, wrap my heart solely on temporary things, I will miss the glory displayed in the heavens, be dull to eternity in my soul, and have my heart shattered a thousand times.
  • I waited so long for the pond to be still and have no ripples, but there was too much life within it and around its edges. Selah....
  • One of the treasures found in friendship is walking side by side, going in the same direction, yet holding to uniquely different perspectives. By sharing with freedom, both are enriched, and often made wiser.