Encouragement Suffering

Does Your Christmas List Need a Lift?

Where in the world is a good, hydraulic couch cushion when you need one? I’ve finished my devotions and I can’t get up. I can envision my Christmas list in a couple of years: Replacement batteries for all seeing, hearing, and walking devices. A memo pad that sticks to the refrigerator…bathroom mirror…kitchen counter…my kid…and all […]

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Sing With Me?

The normal “get-ready-for-bed” routine, commenced at the normal “time-to-brush-your-teeth” hour, which turned into the predictable “why-are-you-taking-so-long” follow-up. The customary “you-can’t-wear-that-to-bed” triggered the anticipated “yes-I’ll-get-your-Kermit-and-Skipper” until I finally found a little lump beneath a cozy quilt on my little girl’s bed. Breathe. “Can I lithen to that piano muthic tonight? It helpth me thleep” the lump […]

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