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Hope’s Demise: A Parable

There was a day when Hope no longer answered the door when Pain came knocking. Pain was a persistent visitor who’d come calling every morning once Consciousness arose, opened the eyelids and filled the world with light. Often times, Pain brought his closest companions: Self Pity, Depression, Fear, Anger or Discouragement. On days when his […]

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The Best Way to Stretch Out

Coffee has been rendered inoperative this morning. Even at higher doses, there is only so much a person can imbibe without crossing the line and fulfilling the definition of an “addict.” Nevertheless, after a few quick “dozes” through prayer, I opened the Word and found the Lord waiting. He didn’t mind the fog that permeated […]

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Disney’s Revelations Three Feet High

You know how little kids are. They can crack through any curmudgeon’s scowl when they use over-sized words or misapply vocabulary. Then, if it’s a pastor’s kid, Bible stories, interpretations of God and explanations of the world should be recorded for future laughs or blackmail when they get older. One morning, a conversation with my […]

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Praying for Chronic Possibilities

A television in the far corner of the waiting room adequately occupied most of the people. The remainder thumb-punched their cell phones quietly. The weatherman said wind chill temperatures were dangerously below zero and echoed obligatory warnings that come with such a forecast. I looked out the window and watched a woman make her way […]

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Does Your Christmas List Need a Lift?

Where in the world is a good, hydraulic couch cushion when you need one? I’ve finished my devotions and I can’t get up. I can envision my Christmas list in a couple of years: Replacement batteries for all seeing, hearing, and walking devices. A memo pad that sticks to the refrigerator…bathroom mirror…kitchen counter…my kid…and all […]

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